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Your CirroAltus™ environment is available from anywhere in the world, securely delivered to any web browser.

CirroAltus™ is unique as the most flexible, yet easy to use cloud computing solution available.  Through CirroAltus™ businesses can realise the benefits of mobile and flexible working with none of the usual capital investment in systems.  Just some of the many benefits of the CirroAltus™ solution are highlighted below:

CirroAltus™ is easy to use with online or in person training options for your team.  Solutions based on the CirroAltus™ environment are designed specifically to make it easy for people of all skill levels to harness the benefits of an efficient and effective IT infrastructure.

The CirroAltus™ environment gives you enterprise level scalability which grows with your business as and when more computing power, software or solutions are required.

Guaranteeing access to you business systems 24x7 from anywhere in the world, operating from multiple locations with secure backed-up data normally involves heavy capital investment. With CirroAltus™ you can access this for a simple monthly subscription per user.

The time and effort required for the effective management and operation of complex IT systems and solutions is eliminated from your business allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.  Our highly trained team of experts ensure you get the best service from your IT.

Using CirroAltus™ ensures that IT within your business remains a low cost and simple to forecast operating expenditure.

CirroAltus™ allows your staff to work more flexibly from home, the office or whilst on the road.  Truly mobile workers can access predefined elements of the system directly from their mobile device such as PDA, Blackberry or mobile phone, delivering major cost savings and improved efficiency.

At CirroAltus™ we recognise that not all businesses are the same and that different working processes and procedures can be a major differentiator in your marketplace. To facilitate this, the CirroAltus™ cloud environment is completely customisable with your processes and work flow in order to best suit your business needs.

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