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“By employing a cloud computing solution like CirroAltus™ businesses can avoid the large capital expenditure necessary to develop an IT infrastructure...”

The CirroAltus™ Cloud Computing platform from Assured Enterprise Technology Ltd was conceived to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from access to enterprise level IT systems and support without the cost and capital investment normally required.

The technical team behind CirroAltus™ have over 20 years experience in delivering resilient and effective enterprise IT systems over complex distributed geographies.  The team contains industry leading specialists in the areas of mobile computing, software as a service, flexible working, enterprise support, and have a real understanding of how IT can help businesses achieve more for less.

At CirroAltus™ we understand that not all businesses are the same and that using generic commercial off the shelf software can damage the unique selling propositions of your enterprise. Our team of highly skilled and motivated developers is on hand to customise your CirroAltus™ service to ensure it meets the needs of your business 100%.

Our goal at CirroAltus™ is to become a ubiquitous provider of core IT infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. Don’t let IT become a time and money drain for your business; instead contact us today.


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