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“By employing a cloud computing solution like CirroAltus™ businesses can avoid the large capital expenditure necessary to develop an IT infrastructure...

The CirroAltus™ Cloud Computing solutions provides your business with customisable and fully functioning computer desktop inside any web browser from any internet connected PC in the world.

Within your online desktop, CirroAltus™ provides a range of online applications including email, calendar, word processing, presentation, database, spreadsheet, customer relationship management and enterprise business reporting.  These systems are hosted from one of the world’s leading data-centres with the highest levels of availability, robustness, security and resilience.

All of your organisation’s files and other data can be securely stored within the CirroAltus™ environment and shared between the users within your organisation. CirroAltus™ ensures access to the files and data you need, when you need it.

Because all CirroAltus™ software and systems are hosted and accessed through any industry standard web browser, no software installation is required on the client PC reducing the cost and complexity of IT.  Your CirroAltus™ environment is fully managed by our team of dedicated experts to ensure effectiveness of IT for your business.

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