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Your CirroAltus™ environment is available from anywhere in the world, securely delivered to any web browser.

The CirroAltus™ Cloud computing environment provides a complete IT server and software infrastructure for your business.  Using CirroAltus™ increases business productivity by enabling truly flexible and mobile working in a highly secure and resilient environment but without the capital investment normally required.

Your CirroAltus™ environment is available from anywhere in the world, securely delivered to any web browser.

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CirroAltus™ back-office applications provide a hosted, fully managed and resilient solution to everyday business needs.  Applications are hosted in a secure data centre providing 99.9% system availability through the internet from anywhere in the world. Currently the CirroAltus™ environment provides the following applications:

The CirroAltus™ back-office environment, and your data contained within it, is completely secured from unauthorised access using industry standard encryption technology and two factor authentication.

CirroAltus™ Mobile worker applications extend the power of the CirroAltus™ environment by giving your workforce specifically tailored mobile applications, installed locally on their mobile devices and with automatic “real-time” synchronisation back to CirroAltus™.  This ensures mobile workers have access to the data and applications they need, when they need them, irrespective of a GSM network connection yet ensuring that data is available with the back-office environment as soon as is physically possible.

Mobile worker applications are built using a completely modular approach allowing clients to pick only the modules required for their business and to have these modules tailored to their specific needs. Industry solutions deployed using this approach includes:

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